Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Music-Theme Tune Doobie doobie doobie doobie doo!

We thought that if we were to create a theme tune for our coursework, then it would be remembered and thos who knew it could sing along, so we needed to come up wth something that is upbeat, suitable for the target audience and in context with the twominutes of footage.

So me and oliver decided to have a go and came up with lyrics we thought were very catchy and would be easily remembered, after a while of coming up with lyrics as well as a chorus, harry had made the perfect beat to go with it so we quickly rushed to the quitest spot and recorded the lyrics on my phone as a short preview.

Another day when we had finalised the lyrics, we recorded us singing through a microphone and added it to he beat, this was our firstdraft and we later went on to making the voices seem almost deap and like a robot, this seemed to fit perfectly with the wine drinking scene and was therefore used for our titles.

The lyrics are things we may think of about an average teenager and involves us rapping so we have definately fit the audience, also the chrus involves wine drinking and the name of our film 'the lads' so we believe we have successfully put it in context with the film.

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  1. Embed the link to your sound track.

    How does the soundtrack add to your piece? How is it in line with the conventions of your chosen genre? What media technologies did you use to produce the soundtrack and edit it in?