Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Filming Schedule

We didnt have much planning of when we would film, one of us was always busy or ill and when we got the chance when all of us were ready for it and we had sorted out shots and script, we finally went out filming.

Due to the rainy day, we didnt have a plan of when we would film the last few scenes and redo old ones, we just had to wait until the weather was the same of the day we filmed on, when everyone was up to it and eventually we pulled it off. Also having samir in our film who isnt actually in our media class proved annoying as we had to make sure he was alright to redo scenes nd obviousy we would have to wear the same clothes.

Social Networking

We posted our preliminary exercise on facebook and my friends have seen it, media students and friends have all given positive feedback and enjoyed it. I have not recieved any negative feedback and this is only our preliminary.

I haven't posted our final coursework piece yet but i could do, frends have already seen it and definately enjoyed it so i would be ccounting on great feedback. I could also place it on twitter butmore people will see it on facebook, i chose facebook as its where most people would see it and a wider variety of eople would see it, so i can get different peoples opinions but the all had positive things to say.

Music-Theme Tune Doobie doobie doobie doobie doo!

We thought that if we were to create a theme tune for our coursework, then it would be remembered and thos who knew it could sing along, so we needed to come up wth something that is upbeat, suitable for the target audience and in context with the twominutes of footage.

So me and oliver decided to have a go and came up with lyrics we thought were very catchy and would be easily remembered, after a while of coming up with lyrics as well as a chorus, harry had made the perfect beat to go with it so we quickly rushed to the quitest spot and recorded the lyrics on my phone as a short preview.

Another day when we had finalised the lyrics, we recorded us singing through a microphone and added it to he beat, this was our firstdraft and we later went on to making the voices seem almost deap and like a robot, this seemed to fit perfectly with the wine drinking scene and was therefore used for our titles.

The lyrics are things we may think of about an average teenager and involves us rapping so we have definately fit the audience, also the chrus involves wine drinking and the name of our film 'the lads' so we believe we have successfully put it in context with the film.

Coursework Filming

When we filmed our coursework, we started in school and filmed olivers exit from school where he runs away, along with mine and samirs exit. We filmed us leaving school with varied camera shots of each scene so we could choose the best one without using the same camera shots all the time.

We filmed a scene where we find a wine bottle and walk down the street drinking it, this was filled with apple juice and lemonade and has been clarified in a video that i will later upload here.

We did have to come back a few more days to reshoot scenes due to a lack of consistency and lighting problems, the lighting in the room that samir puts on his hat was quite dark s we filmed it at an earlier time on a different day so it fit in, one shot involved the wine bottle and was differently placed in the next shot so we reshooted it so it fit. This was a struggle as we first filmed on a day that was quite rainy so waiting for a similar day proved hard, also attempting not to get anyone else in the shots was difficult asits on school premises but we managed to pull it off.

Initial Audience

As sixth form students ourselves,  we knew what our age group are interested in and what they'd look forward to as well as want to see more of, so using teenage comedy and therefore teenagers as our target audience we could definately engage the audience.

Although this is our main age group, we also believe that those of older ages up to about 50 will enjoy it just as much, even older ages. Children  may not be the best audience as there are guaranteed to be things their parents wont want them to see such as the characters drinking.

But i think its a genre of film that can be enjoyed by most ages, me being a teenager i know that my age group will enjoy it for sure and i have showed my family and friends of different ages my preliminary exercise first draft and they are very impressed with it so i believe that my coursework can be enjoyed by all ages.

Inspiration for Coursework

When thinking about what genre and storyline to use for our coursework, we were great fans of  zombie films and the inbetweeners and at first we were thinking of making a zombie comedy and although we seemed sorted on this idea we thought it had already been done in 'Shaun of the dead' and we thought it might be too far fetched.

We were certain that our coursework would be the genre of comedy and now we considered how much we love 'the inbetweeners' and thought we were like them, and came up with the idea of using us as kids in sixxth form and making it as funny as we can without going over the top.

We went through many ideas and finally decided that we would film each student leaving school in ifferent ways and go out drinking, so our inspiration was entirely from 'the inbetweeners' and other comedies such as 'get him to the greek'.