Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Coursework Filming

When we filmed our coursework, we started in school and filmed olivers exit from school where he runs away, along with mine and samirs exit. We filmed us leaving school with varied camera shots of each scene so we could choose the best one without using the same camera shots all the time.

We filmed a scene where we find a wine bottle and walk down the street drinking it, this was filled with apple juice and lemonade and has been clarified in a video that i will later upload here.

We did have to come back a few more days to reshoot scenes due to a lack of consistency and lighting problems, the lighting in the room that samir puts on his hat was quite dark s we filmed it at an earlier time on a different day so it fit in, one shot involved the wine bottle and was differently placed in the next shot so we reshooted it so it fit. This was a struggle as we first filmed on a day that was quite rainy so waiting for a similar day proved hard, also attempting not to get anyone else in the shots was difficult asits on school premises but we managed to pull it off.

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  1. Need all the videos embedded please.

    For each one try and pick out something to do with the cinematography, editing, sound and mise-en-scene and comment on:
    what technologies you used
    the effect of each individual element you pick out
    how it conforms or subverts the conventions of the genre.