Thursday, 15 March 2012

Preliminary Exercise
The shots we have used in our preliminary exercise obviously will be improved in the creation of our coursework filming.
0:00 Close up -  This shot shows olivers face as he opens the door to enter the interview room, we catch olivers emotions due to the close up showing him almost serious but scared.
0:02 Medium low-angle shot - This shows oliver bursting through the door from the perspective of the character i play and is shown in the next shot.
0:04 Close up - Shows my characters expression as i seem like a high class character who is not scared considering the situation he is in. The close up shows this emotion.
0:05 Close up - This shot shows a drawing on the board of two cartoon people who my character has supposedly killed, this is used as comedy as our general theme is comedy, action.
0:07 High-angle shot - This shows stephens character from a high angle showing he is a high classed character, ossibly a body guard or lawyer. The high shot makes him look big and butch leading the audience to the thought he may be a bodyguard.
0:08 to 0:25 Over the shoulder shots (shot/reverse shot) - For these shots we used the over the shoulder shots to show the intensity between the two characters as they talk in the interview room. We filmed this piece of dialogue from both ends of the table and then put them together for the final product.
0:25 Wide shot - This shot was to show a skip in time but didnt work as well as we'd like it to of, it just skips forward a bit from the previous shot.
0:45 Medium shot - This is showing olivers charaters reaction to my character talking in a suppposable 'russian language' but is actully just nothing. We thought it would be better to show olivers reaction than me saying it considering i was in the last two shots.
0:54 Low angle - Once again filming stephens character and how he is this big character we have filmed him from a low angle to show his position as high.
0:57 Medium shot This is showing oliver losing his patients as i refuse to answer hs questions so we just used an average medium shot.
1:00 High angle/medium - This shows me pull out my gun and carries on till i kill stephens character, this was humurous and therefore we added a scream to show the comedy rather than being serious.
1:03 Close up - A continuation of the previous shot showing stephen falling to the ground and therefore dieing.
1:04 Medium shot - Camera follows where the gun is when oliver is pulling it out of his jacket.
1:10 Medium shot - This shot shows me picking my gun from the table and obviously we dont see me put the gun down but i could of obviously done this after stephens death. This was used for tension as me and oliver both pick up our guns.
1:14 Wide shot - This is used to show the whole room as an environment as we chase each other round the table. Showing the whole room gives the viewer more insight nto the interview room and shows tensions as it i not a very big room.
1:19 Wide shot - his continues on from the last shot from the opposite side of the room and therefore has the same effect and just continues on the chase.
1:27 Close up - Yes, there is a slight continuity error here - Ths shows oliver put his hands up and therefore is in fear of death, the close up shows this fear and therefore  gives emotion.
1:30 Close up - This close up shows my face close up also looking quite scared with fear and also quite angry so there is a mix of emotions and the close up shows this.
1:31 Two shot - The use of the two shot allows me and oliver to both e in the shot as he pulls out his gun and we arent sure who will shot first, this is tense and as we dont know who will win the use of the two shot allows tension.
1:35 Grey screen - This is used as a cliffhanger, after the last shot finishes it freezzes and switches to a grey screen where we hear a gun shot, this is huge tension as we arent sure who has died and who has survived. A pretty awesome cliffhanger, if you ask me!