Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Filming Schedule

We didnt have much planning of when we would film, one of us was always busy or ill and when we got the chance when all of us were ready for it and we had sorted out shots and script, we finally went out filming.

Due to the rainy day, we didnt have a plan of when we would film the last few scenes and redo old ones, we just had to wait until the weather was the same of the day we filmed on, when everyone was up to it and eventually we pulled it off. Also having samir in our film who isnt actually in our media class proved annoying as we had to make sure he was alright to redo scenes nd obviousy we would have to wear the same clothes.


  1. Hello Luke,

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  2. Luke, these posts are falling behind again. I'm online pretty much all day 7th May - please get in touch so I can help.