Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Initial Audience

As sixth form students ourselves,  we knew what our age group are interested in and what they'd look forward to as well as want to see more of, so using teenage comedy and therefore teenagers as our target audience we could definately engage the audience.

Although this is our main age group, we also believe that those of older ages up to about 50 will enjoy it just as much, even older ages. Children  may not be the best audience as there are guaranteed to be things their parents wont want them to see such as the characters drinking.

But i think its a genre of film that can be enjoyed by most ages, me being a teenager i know that my age group will enjoy it for sure and i have showed my family and friends of different ages my preliminary exercise first draft and they are very impressed with it so i believe that my coursework can be enjoyed by all ages.

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  1. Need evidence of research being conducted please - the surveys / the version you showed people / their comments for example.