Monday, 7 May 2012

In what ways does your media prouduct use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Evaluation Question 1:

Our media coursework involves 3 male British characters walking down the street after leaving sixth form for the day and finding a wine bottle, who knows what could go wrong...

An already existing product that we got inspiration from to make our film and that we also look up to is the inbetweeners movie, I believe this is competition and will compare our coursework to the inbetweeners movie.
The narrative that i believe the audience will establish, is the boyish behaviour seen in the footage, such as running away from teachers, walking into things/acting stupid, and go out drinking after school. These are things that I believe are also established in the inbetweeners movie, I think the humour that we have in our coursework is similar to the inbetweeners but definately a less sexual and less swearing humour as we couldn't use this in our piece, in my opinion this gives us an edge over the inbetweeners humour as it fits a wider range of audience. We are not likely to see children or the elderly age group watching the inbetweeners and enjoying the humuor, so those age groups are more likely to enjoy our coursework than the inbetweeners.
We got inspiration from them and although they do pull off the act of lad comedy better than our coursework does, I think our coursework will apply to a wider range of audience.

The inbetweeners movie use similar camera shots as we do, for instance they use a lot of close ups, mid shots and two way shots to show emotion, friendship and loyalty. We have  used a lot of close ups and two way shots for the same reason so you can guess we got a lot of inspiration from the inbetweeners. Another shot the inbetweeners use regularly are long shots as a specific thing happens in the scene such as the characters leaving the scene as one of them does something embarrassing such as walk into a door, we have used this as olivers character wipes bird poo on my characer as we leave the gates.

We were in our suits at the time we filmed this, not only because we had just finished school before filming, but because we wanted to capture the effect of boys leaving school, this happens in the inbetweeners a lot and again got inspiration from this.
Also the inbetweeners school always seems lit up and bright, so we decided to change a few shots that we thought were too dark, meaning that we had to redo scenes in the same costume, this was because we thought it was too dark and wanted to make it seem brighter like the inbetweeners does. We also had to use colour correction to get the right brightness.

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  1. Cool. This is taking shape nicely!

    Can you give a few more specific examples from 'The Lads' please to do with the camera angles, editing, sound and mise-enscene? It'll just give me enough evidence to go 'yeah, he KNOWS it'.

    You could also compare it to other laddish comedies too to show a breadth of source material to make your points even more convincing.

    You could think about (loads of ideas, these are just tasters):
    A couple more specific uses of camera angles
    A piece of camera movement
    Your soundtrack
    Use of sound effects
    Pace of editing

    Paste this into google for some ideas of what other candidates have done in the past...long link warned...:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=a3bb0033610030d0&biw=1440&bih=785