Monday, 7 May 2012

Evaluation on Feedback

During an assembly open to friends, family and teachers, we introduced our preliminary exercise and coursewrk piece to our audience and they filled in a questionnaire about our coursework for feedback, these were the results we recieved for our 2 minute introduction to a film, coursework.

Male: 15
female: 30

0-20: 39
21-34: 1
35-51: 7
52+: 2

Favourite genre:
Action: 5
Comedy: 29
Horror: 8
Rom Com: 3
Thriller: 3
Drama: 2
Crime: 1
Fantasy: 1
Spy Detective: 1

Score out of 10:
1/10: 0
2/10: 0
3/10: 0
4/10: 0
5/10: 0
6/10: 0
7/10: 9
8/10: 19
9/10: 14
10/10: 9
Average score out of 10: 8.45

Example Comments
‘OK’ and ‘yes completely, good for sixth form’
‘Made me laugh, new inbetweeners’ and ‘could have had more comedy’
‘Sound was quiet, dubbing was off’ and ‘well synchronised, love effects’
‘Very successful, amazing shots’ and ‘camera was a bit shaky in places’
All were complements, except a few which thought it ‘didn’t have much narrative’

Most people said comedy was their favourite genre, this wasn't representative of the audience as they were mostly family, friends and teachers.
Most of the participants were of age 0-20 so maybe would of preferred the film as this was our target audience, but even the older participants seemed to enjoy our piece just as much.
Our average score was 8.45/10 and in my opinion that is a very good score and involves a lot of positive feedback.

Some people found the shakiness of the camera off putting and didnt like it, whereas others thought it fit the personalities of the charaters trying to be cool when they arent and also adding to the drunka nd unorganised effect.
The overdubbing was the biggest prolem pointed out in the questionnaires, although this meant that viewers could hear our coursework a lot better than they could with other groups as we were the only AS group to overdub, they did find it to be at different volumes at certain points and i definately agree, due to a last minute decision to overdub we didnt have much time to perfect it. It wasnt perfect but it did the job, there were technical difficulties with sound in the asssembly showcase which gaves us an advantage as ours was easily heard even if each piece of dialogue was at different volumes.

Most of our feedback was completely positive and things to improve were like 'make it longer' and 'we want more' so there is no doubt that we definately engaged the audience and left them wanting more.

Someone said that humour is hard to pull off and we did it so they loved it, others said we worked to hard for humour and it was cheesy but they still enjoyed it.
One participant suggested 'more action' but that was not our genre and to pull off both genres in a 2 minute introductio would prove difficult, as it was only an introduction i think we did a great job at engaging the audience and suiting a target audience.

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