Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My British Film: Hot Fuzz!!!

What category of film is it and why?
Hot Fuzz has an English director (Edgar Wright), English actors including Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Martin Freeman and also English writers therefore has English involvement. One of the three producers of Hot Fuzz is from New Zealand (Tim Bevan), but the other two are British. It is produced by both british and French sudios and therefore isnt totally British but has a fair amount of British involvement.

Find, analyse and explain how the film was marketed in terms of trailers, posters and billboards. When were they released and how?
From the Hot Fuzz trailer we see that it is meant to be an action comedy involving well known British actors and will attract the attention of teenagers to lovers of action and comedy, the sound is also of a humourous style and again will attract the specific audience aquired. From posters and billboards we see a raging fire behind the actors showing the action with a spark of comedy as nick frost is seen as a less knowing character giving off the comedy effect and will again attract the eye of those interested in this style of actors. The first two teaser trailers were released on 16 October, 2006. A panel was also held at the 2006 Comic-con in Sandiago, California.


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